All of our projects whether large or small start with an initial design consultation. These consultations are a brief working partnership lasting up to two hours. At this initial consultation, I will learn about you, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve for your home. You will gain perspective on how my company operates. If you’re a do-it-yourself-er, I will share my design ideas and provide suggestions and guidance for you to move your project forward with confidence. If you want an experienced designer to manage all aspects of your design project, we will also review my 15-Step Design Process and kick-start your project at the consultation. Either way, we will provide an exceptional experience and valuable design knowledge to launch your project.

Here is a sample of some of the things we can accomplish at your consultation:

  • Uncover your design goals, lifestyle needs and wishes and clarify your style preferences

  • Provide advice on the effective use of your space, furniture arrangements and remodeling ideas

  • Walk through your home to survey and document existing conditions, inventory existing furnishings that might be used in a new space plan and provide design suggestions and guidance

  • Suggestions for furnishings, hard surfaces, lighting, fixtures, appliances, artwork and window treatments for your privacy and functionality

  • Assist you in determining a preliminary design budget and schedule

  • Provide suggestions on where to source items for the DIYer

  • Select paint colors for your interior and exterior

  • Review my 15 Step Design Process

15-Step Design Process


Project Commencement Phase (1-30 days)

STEP 1:          Consultation with Principal or Senior Designer

STEP 2:          Signing of Agreement, receipt of retainer and project commencement

Research, Design, Presentation Phase (6-10 weeks minimum)

STEP 3:          Site Visit: On-site measurements, photos and final criterion meeting

STEP 4:          Design, Documentation and Trade Day: Execution of floor plans and elevations                                  and sourcing furnishings & materials. Trade site visit.

STEP 5:          Presentation of drawings, furnishings, materials and estimates; collection of                                      deposit

Project Management Phase (3-4 months)

STEP 6:          Placement of orders and delivery lead-time management

STEP 7:          Review of budget and project status

STEP 8:          Initiation of construction and renovation

STEP 9:          Installation period continues and receipt of orders

STEP 10:        Furniture installation and styling

STEP 11:        Client reveal

STEP 12:        Deficiencies walk through and identification

STEP 13:        Resolving deficiencies

STEP 14:        Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoices

STEP 15:        Thank you and presentation of Client Binder